Build Up Rise Up

Browser Based Battle Royale Game



Through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we are creating custom experiences that enable our clients to display their data in different ways. Software that enables collaboration and the sharing of data in ways that they have never  knew were possible.

Gamers at Heart

Who We Are

What started out as a small company of gaming enthusiasts has since turned into a leading Video Game Developer Company in the Greater New York City area. Our team now consists of specialists in many fields, including artists, engineers, developers, and so much more.

Rorschach Games also partners with various industries to produce cutting edge applications for business use. 
Whether you're a gamer in search of fun and exciting games, or a business enterprise looking to create the next innovative product to deliver to your clients, we are the people who can make it happen.

Coming Out Soon....

The Dungeon Guild is a multiplayer fantasy role playing game built for mobile. Due to be released in 2020

Games & Services

Studio Highlights

Build Up, Rise Up

You are pitted against others in a Battle Royale extravaganza. You must build  up in order to avoid being devoured by the fog. All the while, you are chased and hunted by others.

Soon to be released on

The Dungeon Guild

Create your character to gain wealth and power in a magical realm. Invite your friends to join your party and fight monsters and explore the world. 

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We are not all fun and games here! We  create business collaboration apps in VR & AR. 

Unity Development

Rorschach Games specialize in creating robust games using the Unity platform. We provide services utilizing C++, .NET, Java, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and various web technologies/platforms.

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